1. If you are a first time climber or if you are unable to pass a belay check to the satisfaction of a VV staff member, you will be required to take an introductory belay class in order to belay. Only VV staff members are certified to teach a belay class. This means you are not allowed to receive instruction from other customers.
  2. No unbelayed climbing is permitted above the orange bouldering line. Climbers intending to climb above the orange bouldering line most be roped in and must have a belayer who has met VV belaying requirements.
  3. Lead climbing is not permitted without a lead climbing pass issued by VV staff.
  4. Lead climbing passes must be displayed clearly at all times while lead climbing or lead belaying. Do not lead climb or lead belay with another climber that does not have a lead climbing pass of their own. Make sure to clip every quickdraw along your chosen climbing route.
  5. All climbers agree to use at least one spotter and a crash pad when applicable while bouldering. The feet of the climber should not be any higher than the shoulders of the spotter.
  6. Any spinning, loose, or broken climbing holds must be reported immediately to VV staff.
  7. Any potentially unsafe situations or climbing practice must be reported immediately to VV staff.
  8. No running is permitted in the gym.
  9. No loose chalk is permitted. Only chalk balls.
  10. Only approved climbing equipment acceptable by VV staff may be used in the gym.
  11. All climbers must comply with the recommendations and judgment of VV staff on duty.
  12. The gym user agrees to abide by such rules and regulations as may be adopted by VV from time-to-time.

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Vertical Ventures Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tues: 2-10pm
Fri: 2-7pm, 8-12pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-6pm

Daily - $14 (Kids 8 and Under $7)
Belay Class for 1 (includes all equipment, admission and return visit) - $35
Belay Class for 2+ (includes all equipment, admission and return visit) - $25 per person

Download a waiver (required to climb)

(813) 884·ROCK · info@verticalventures.com

Thank you.