Have your party at the climbing gym! Bring your group in during regular business hours, or book the gym for your private event. You may rent our party room for your during hours event for $50/hour. Date availability and confirmation can be checked via the party schedule. Email or call us to book your event. Please note, any cancelations or rescheduling must be submitted to Vertical Ventures staff within 14 days of your scheduled event. All participants must have a signed waiver in order to climb! Any participants under the age of 18 must have an online waiver signed by a parent! *If parent is not present, we require a copy of the parents drivers license*

All private parties are 2 hours - this includes any setup and breakdown you may require, please plan accordingly.


The Deluxe Package

Ideal for a child’s birthday party or younger group party. We provide belayers, pizza, drinks, cake, and a more structured party format. We ask that you provide at least enough adults to supervise.


  • $600 for 10 or fewer climbers | $35 for each additional climber
  • Belayers provided | Food and drinks provided
  • $200 deposit required

More Party Packages

Premium Package

Same as the standard party, except we will provide staff belayers. If it is a child’s party, we ask that there are enough adults to supervise even if you prefer not to belay.


  • $450 for 10 or fewer climbers
  • $25 for each additional climber
  • Belayers provided
  • $100 deposit required

Standard Package

The Standard party is great for larger groups, birthday parties, youth groups, schools, and special events. We provide belay instruction for 1 belayer per 3 climbers (all belayers must be over the age of 15) and complete rental equipment for everyone attending. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments. We ask that you provide a minimum of one belayer for every three climbers in order to make your party run more smoothly.


  • $300 for 10 or fewer climbers
  • $15 for each additional climber


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Vertical Ventures Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tues: 2-10pm
Fri: 2-7pm, 8-12pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-6pm

Daily - $14 (Kids 8 and Under $7)
Belay Class for 1 (includes all equipment, admission and return visit) - $35
Belay Class for 2+ (includes all equipment, admission and return visit) - $25 per person

Download a waiver (required to climb)

(813) 884·ROCK · info@verticalventures.com

Thank you.